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a jump a day

one day I'll fly away

9/9/08 05:23 pm - About class on Friday....

I'm not going to be there. So, it'd probably be good if you didn't. Cause that'd be a waste of time. Friday is a no-acrobatics-class day, and a no-Gakuto day, so don't expect to find me, cause you won't be finding me on Friday.

So there.

Just so you know. >|

6/29/08 08:13 pm

Two things:
1. I bet Spiderman has a job and a nightlife in addition to his city-saving.
2. Too many people play Zelda, I think.

This week is surivial of the fittest. Tell me what you learn from it. Stretch before class.

6/3/08 03:19 pm


+ Extra focuses on jumping shit in the class sessions, along with how to use jumping to your disadvantage, and to the disadvantage of others.

+ Will be given a senario to complete, in class, where-in there will be parts that you cannot jump in, and parts where you must.

You don't get to know. It will happen at random, as will your group assignments. If you fail the first attempt, you will be put through the assignment again.


Marks for the may challenge will be posted on my office door a few days after you've presented to me. You've got until Monday to show me what you've done, or else you'll get randomized late penalties. Check in with me here. If you need a senario or environment constructed that can't be done in the gym, let me know beforehand, and I'll see what I can do. Don't leave it till the last second, though. >/

5/15/08 09:07 pm

I'm game, Jirou-kun~ ;)

today is FREE LOVE DAY

Comment for free love~

5/6/08 05:00 am

Welcome~ back to classes! :D Mwahaha. How was the week off? Laze about, relax, go to festivals or see family? Good, good. I went to the festival, won a fish, but my tank in the office doesn't really have room for another.... He's currently living in a bowl on his lonesome. :/ Fish, anyone?

Classes (all):
Your general assignment for the month of May is to pick a move or series of moves that you've either always wanted to try or do, and have it perfected by the first or second class of June. As always, you can come to me for advice, or your other trainers/teachers, if they don't mind. Don't over-reach, and don't get sloppy. Think about practical application, too - better if it can transfer to other students, and such. Not to say specialized moves ain't nifty, but. \o/

May Challenge: Move Mastery
+ pick a move or construct an acrobatic/physical sequence to perfect
+ apply techniques presented in class, or from other sourses
+ review with instructor (me >p) before the beginning of next week
+ due beginning of June

Don't flake out and pick something easy. >/ I'll know, and you'll fail the assignment.
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